Your Heart Is Working Fast And Skip Beats? Here’s How To Slow Down For 1 Minute Without Drugs


It happens to everyone and probably it has happened to you your heart to work at and odd pace, skip beats or you might just feel rapid heartbeat.  This is really uncomfortable and it feels like you are having a heart attack. This occurrence is often related to stress but it is not strange for it to happen without a reason. This might scares you and with that make your heart beat even faster. You probably know that you can solve this with drugs but there are also few simple methods that can also help you and those are the following:


1.  Cold Water Method

Take a bowl and fill it with cool water and a lot of ice cubes and use it to take your heart rate down. What you should do when you notice that your pulse is faster is take a deep breath and plunge your face into the water. Keep you face in the water as much as you can. This method stimulates the nerves which slow the heartbeat and it also sends signals to the body to slow down the metabolism know as reflex of divers. This is the reflex that enables many people to survive in freezing water.

2.  Deep Breathing Exercises

Take a deep breath and inhale until you can`t hold any more air. Then exhale the water from the lungs quickly. Repeat this exercise until you notice improvement. Keep in your mind that it is not only taking deep breaths but filling in the capacity of your lungs.

3.  Using the VALALVA Technique

Take a breath in medium strength and then close your nose and blow strongly without releasing any air.  Hold your breath as much as you can and exhale and relax. Don’t worry if you notice a little bit of dizziness because this happens normally.

These techniques don’t work in the same way for everyone. Try out all of the above techniques in order to find out which one suits you best and use it to slow down your heartbeat.  In case you have episodes like this which last for more than 20 minutes or if you have pain, feel faint please consult your doctor.


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