This Is What You Need To Check Whenever You Buy Bottled Water

Many people have no idea about the types of plastic used in water bottles. We generally don’t think much when we drink bottled water. But believe it or not, there are some things you need to check whenever you buy bottled water.

Every bottle has a symbol that indicates what it’s made up of. So with some basic knowledge, you can avoid certain chemicals the next time you drink bottled water.

The picture below shows different symbols indicating the types of plastic bottles:


This is what you should know:


PET is the most common in all the types of plastic used for consumer products like drink bottles and different types of packaging. The bottle of this type is intended for a single use and is not meant to be recycled, as repeated use causes bacterial growth. These bottles can also lead to hormonal imbalances by releasing heavy metals and chemicals. PET is difficult to decontaminate.


HDPE is used in milk gallon jugs, detergent bottles, and some plastic bags. This plastic releases very few chemicals and experts recommend getting water bottles of this type, as it is considered to be the safest one.


PVC, a flexible plastic is used to make food wrapping, teething rings, toys for children and pets, and bottles of cooking oil. It releases two lethal chemicals, which can lead to hormonal imbalances. Experts recommend searching for an alternative for this type of plastics.


Even though this plastic, does not release any chemicals in water, it is not used in the manufacturing of water bottles. However, it is used in the packaging of food, where it releases chemicals. If it is possible, you should try avoiding this plastic.


PP is a semi-transparent or white plastic that is used to pack yogurt and syrups. It is not just tough, but lightweight as well. It also works well against grease, moisture, and chemicals. So it is considered to be safe compared to the other plastics.


PS, better known as Polystyrene, is a cheap, lightweight plastic that has many uses. It is used in disposable styrofoam drinking cups, takeout containers, egg cartons, and plastic utensils. It is known for releasing carcinogenic substances. So it is best not to use this plastic repeatedly.


PC is the most dangerous type of plastics; it was initially designed as a sort of catch-all other uncategorized plastics. This plastic should be avoided when possible, as it releases a lot of chemicals into food and beverages.

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