Why Is THIS Hidden From The Public: Top 10 Causes of Cancer That We Use Daily!

According to many experts, cancer is one of the biggest threats to humanity. This is one of the leading causes of death in people of all ages across the planet.

What makes the situation more complicated is the fact that this disease is triggered by various things that are kept as a secret from the general public so the Big Pharma (pharmaceutical industry) can make millions of dollars each year.In this article, we will highlight some of the products and things that are almost never mentioned as causes of cancer:

1.Hormones in meat and milk

Modern feeding practices for farm animals include food enriched with artificial hormones, used to increase milk and meat production. These artificial hormones are linked to inflammation, cancer and a number of other diseases.

2. Mammography, dental X-rays, scanners at the airport

Unless it is for a real emergency situation, X-rays should be avoided as far as possible because their harmful side effects may pose a greater health risk than does the original problem. Ten X-ray shots at the dentist’s are sufficient to produce cancer of the thyroid and multiple X-rays have been linked with multiple myeloma – a form of leukemia.

3. Aluminum Found in Antiperspirants and Deodorants

If you analyze the cases of breast cancer, you will notice that this type of cancer is most often located close to the armpit or the area where most people use deodorants and antiperspirants. These products are quite useful to keep the odor away, but they are packed with aluminum. If you can’t live without a deodorant, you should consider making one at home or purchasing organic deodorants in health stores.

4. Cosmetics Loaded with Toxins

There is no doubt that people must pay special attention to the skin which is the largest organ that plays important role in our overall health. However, the majority of modern people use decorative and preparative cosmetics packed with coal tar and petroleum. In case you didn’t know, these harmful toxins can easily penetrate the skin and reach the bloodstream. If you want to avoid this occurrence, rely on homemade or organic cosmetics.

5.GMO soy and corn

Most of the soy in America is genetically modified, while soy milk includes hemagglutinin, an ingredient that makes the red corpuscles into clots. Moreover, the soy increases the estrogen. Choose organic milk, no matter what type you like.

6.Artificial sweeteners

Not only refined sugar is GMO, but also it fast increases the levels of insulin. Fructose, which is found in soda is a serious cancer cause as well. It contains caramel color, which is a carcinogen. Soda acidifies the body, which as a result makes cancer cells to multiply. Limit your consumption of refined sugars and avoid sodas.

7Fluoridated water

Well, this is not a mineral naturally found or purified water passing through the pipes. The fluoride is polluting the water and flushes out the minerals from the body and so weakens the immunity. Drink spring water.

8. Vaccines and Drugs

Consult a respected doctor to find out what kind of changes you can implement in your diet and lifestyle so you can lower the risk of developing cancer. Don’t use drugs from popular brands who are only trying to make profit from other people’s illnesses.

9. Canned Foods

Canned goods are not good because the majority of cans are coated with BPA or bisphenol-A. it was proven that this product leads to genetically modifications in rat brain cells.

10.Commercial soap, shampoo, toothpaste and cream

Everything you use to fix your hair, improve your skin complexion or maintain your oral health reaches your blood stream and fills it with dirt and cancer-causing byproducts. As we already explained, always use organic or homemade cosmetics, if possible. ‘If you do not put it in your mouth, there is no reason for you to put it on your skin neither.’ Remember that one?


Source: http://www.healthylifevision.com




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