What To Drink When You’re Swollen, Nervous Or Hungry


There are no better drinks than milk and water. By consumption of them not only that you will quench your thirst, but you will also get many benefits for you overall health. In this post we will provide you with some drinks that are effective in different situations and periods of the day.

Warm milk and chamomile to improve your sleep

In the past people tended to use brandy as sedative, but we recommend you to drink a cup of warm milk or chamomile tea instead of that because it is healthier. With this you will sleep much better.

Milk to strengthen your muscles

In order to gain muscle mass you have to drink a lot of milk. It contains abundance of protein and casein that contain amino acids that are essential for strengthening the muscles.

 Lemon tea and honey for colds

Hot tea with lemon is excellent when you have a stuffy nose, it will have immediate effect. But when you suffer from cold we recommend you to try out consuming dairy product especially milk, because it really works.

Honey for Cough

Honey is known to be good for infections of upper respiratory tract. But try to find and organic one because it is more effective.

Banana shake and water for hangover

Hangovers can be really unbearable, and they are caused by dehydration of the organism. Therefore in order to get rid of it you will have to take big amounts of fluids especially water. But the next time we recommend you to prepare a banana shake and spinach and see how it works. The both ingredients are rich with potassium which is essential for compensation of the electrolytes. This fresh juice will also help in a way that it will increase the blood sugar levels which are probably decreases by the alcohol.

Big amount of water to get rid of the bad breath

Drinking different kind of drinks such as coffee, sweet drinks, juice and alcohol can cause a bad breath. To get rid of the bad odor you should wash your mouth with a glass of water, also the consumption of big amounts of water will help you reduce the smell.

Milk for hunger

You can substitute some of your daily meals with a glass of milk since it will make you feel full.

Grapefruit juice and green tea for weight loss

If you have problems with the weight and you are constantly trying to reduce some pounds we advise you to start consuming grapefruit juice and green tea. This drink will accelerate your metabolism and thus help you reduce weight quickly.

Chocolate milk to recover muscles

Chocolate milk is rich with carbs and proteins which make it perfect for recovering the muscles after workout.

Water and coffee for drowsiness

You probably drink coffee in order to wake up, but try combining it with glass of water it will have better effect.

Water and herbal teas for stomach problems – indigestion

To improve the digestive system and boost the metabolism try drinking some herbal teas. Cinnamon and ginger are known to have the same effect.


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