10 Awesome Tips to Clean Your Car Like a Pro

When it comes to cleaning of the dirty car, one of the options is to buy car cleaning products available on the market. All these products are loaded with toxic chemicals that are harmful for your health as well as for the environment. Luckily, there is another option to clean your car – by using natural ingredients.

In today’s article we are going to present you 10 useful tips about how to clean your car like a pro. You will need ingredients that you probably already have in your home.

  1. Carpet Cleaner

Paste of white vinegar and baking soda will help you to get rid of the dark, nasty and muddy stains on your mats and upholstery. The procedure is very simple: apply the paste on the stained area by using toothbrush. Rub and then leave the paste to dry naturally and after that vacuum.

  1. Clean the Dust

In order to remove the dust from vents and the area around knobs all you need is a cheap foam paintbrush or small bristle. After using the brush you can vacuum in order to suck up all the dust.

  1. Polish Your Dashboard

Instead using toxic sprays or wipes to clean your dashboard, you can use olive oil. All you should do is to pour some olive oil on a paper towel or cloth and then wipe the area. This natural oil will make your dashboard as shiny as a new.

  1. Remove Pet Hair

In order to remove the pet hair from the seats you will need a spray bottle filled with water and a squeegee. First spray the seats and then drag the squeegee along them. This method will remove the pet hair instantly and it is more efficient than using a car vacuum cleaner.

  1. Car Freshener

Before you buy some commercial car freshener our advice is to read the label first as you actually breathe in all of the harmful ingredients. You probably will be shocked of the toxic chemicals that these products contain.

Our advice is to take a mason jar and make holes on the top. Prepare a mixture of your favorite essential oil and add some baking soda and pour the mixture in the jar. On this way you get a pleasant scent and your car smell fresh all the time. You can place the jar in a cup holder, on the floor or some secure place and enjoy the nice scent while you are driving.

  1. Windshield Wipers

In order to wipe down the windshield wipers all you need is usual household rubbing alcohol. On this way you will prevent the windshield to smear or smudge.

  1. Streak Free Windows

In a spray bottle pour vinegar and then spray the windows of your car. Leave it stay for 2 minutes and using a newspaper, wipe the windows. This is one of the best ways to make the windows be crystally clear!

  1. Super Shiny Chrome Wheels

In a spray bottle mix vinegar and water in 1:1 ratio. After that, spray the chrome and then, using a rag, wipe it down. This will make your wheels perfectly shiny.

  1. Wheel Cleaner

Prepare paste by mixing water and baking soda and with an old brush, carefully rub the wheels of your car. Then, rinse it off with water. This is the best wheel cleaner and it is completely natural.

  1. Traditional Car Wash

One of the options is to pay someone to wash your car with products that are loaded with chemicals, but our advice is to wash it by yourself by using a solution of water and natural liquid castile soap. Namely, this soap is produced from plant oils and it is completely natural. First lather up your car and then wash and rinse off.







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