This Vitamin Will Keep Mosquitoes Away All Summer

Summer. The skin gets darker, the days longer and the drinks colder. Spending our days on the sandy beaches, enjoying the sun. All of this sounds perfect, but we mustn’t forget the boring mosquitos.

Some people don’t have problems with them since there are mosquito repellents available on the market for many years. However, there are people who don’t want to use those sprays, either because they are worried about the side effects of the DEET, or they don’t like the smell. Nevertheless, taking Vitamin B1 is definitely going to solve your problem.

Vitamin B1 is also called thiamine and it is a critical vitamin for the body. This vitamin is present in foods like eggs, liver, kale, asparagus, brown rice, oatmeal and yeast. It is very important for boosting immunity and reducing stress.

This vitamin is water-soluble, so any extra that you do not need will be eliminated from your body through urination. Therefore, you needn’t worry that you have taken too much.

Vitamin B1 actually changes the way you smell to these little bugs. People with enough of this vitamin in them usually smell “yeasty” to mosquitos, thus making them not attractive for mosquitos.

Nevertheless, this does not change the way you smell to other people, so you needn’t worry at all.

The need for further research is present, since the research which is done so far is inconclusive, yet taking Vitamin B1 is very beneficial, so you should definitely try it. I sure have, and I have had some positive results.

Some conditions like gastric bypass, anorexia, Crohn’s disease and chronic alcoholism reduce the thiamine levels. Therefore, people with these conditions should take it in bigger dosages.

In case you are interested in trying this, you need to take 100 mg of Vitamin B1 on a daily basis. You should notice the first results in within 14 days. In case taking this vitamin does not do the trick, you should try this repellent recipe which is all natural, and in this way you will stay away from the chemical laden sprays.

All Natural Mosquito Repellent


  • Lavender oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Cooled boiled water
  • Witch hazel


  1. Take spray bottle (8 ounces) and fill it with the boiled water.
  2. Then, add half a teaspoon of witch hazel.
  3. Next, add tea tree oil (15 drops).
  4. Then, add lavender oil (15 drops).
  5. Spray when needed.


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