Women Must Know About This Plant And Avoid Gynecologist Visits Often

This is the lady’s mantle or latin term for it is Alchemilla vulgaris and also is named as Virak too, other names are rabbit’s foot, lion’s foot and Agile foot too. This plant Is medicinal especially for gynecological issues with women and this was a fact even from the Middle Ages onwards.

Now this plant is universal cure for every female problem and disease of that kind. The famous Swiss herbal expert Johan Kincora said 30% of female issues are solved by taking this tea of the lady’s mantle.

In medicine use, take the leaves and flowers too and maybe even the whole plant, but not the root. Leaves are taken in July and August best, but also in the spring too. You can take them after it has bloomed otherwise they do not heal as much.

This lady’s mantle has many flavonoids, acids, tannins, salicylic acid and vitamin C but the taste is bitter. This is due to the tannin amount in it which fights inflammation and bacteria attacks.

Great for pregnant women

It has not been professionally explored yet, but this plant is curing infertility too. It regulates hormones, stimulates progesterone and regulates menstruation cycles which is crucial for this issue. Also it makes the uterine stronger and prevents miscarriages, solves polycystic ovaries issues and even aids in weight loss. After women give birth, they can take this and recover from the post-natal effects and problems like loose stomach.

Good for menopause and PMS

This plant also is good for fibroids, cysts, endometriosis and easing up the PMS symptoms. The tannins helps with big pain during PMS and bleeding.

The tea is great for women that have pains of PMS and bleeding since it has tannins and astringents that lessen this ache. If you mix it with Shepherd’s Purse plant this lady’s mantle is a power bomb cure for female problems.

Removes bacteria and viruses too

The bath with lady’s mantle, douches and tampons can treat some yeasts, vaginitis and infections too. Just soak tampon in the tea of this plant and use it for a while.

Some studies recently stated that this plant also resolves staphylococcus that is hard to beat with antibiotics. Japanese experts said that the agrimonin in this plant can stop breast cancer to form. Other experts for health said that this can protect from viruses like the HPV.

Other benefits of the plant

This plant is also good for resolving bleeding, bites of bugs, vomiting, nausea, eczema, sore throat, dermatitis, diarrhea, rheumatism, ulcers and hemorrhoids.

Tea of lady’s mantle

Take one small spoon of this tea and put it in a cup of boiled water to sit for 10 minutes. Sip it slowly and have 2 cups daily.

Vaginal douche

Take 30-50 g of the dry herb and put it in 1 liter water and use this liquid for vaginal douching or enema cleanses. Also, intestine issues are solved this way.

Bath with lady’s mantle

Take dry leaves 200 g and boil them in 3 liters water. Then put this in your bath and soak for 20 min before sleeping.



If you have gallbladder, liver or stomach problems avoid this tea.









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