This Medication Gives Excellent Results: For People With Decreased Immunity And Against Cancer!

All the ingredients of this medicine are natural and have many benefits for the overall health. This medicine will boost your immunity system thus preventing you from many diseases and in case of some disease it will help the body in the fight against it.  Despite recommending it for strengthening immunity, doctors also recommend it to healthy people because it is really beneficial.

Preparation and the ingredients of the medicine:

Take ½ liter of lemon juice and mix it with:

–        350 g (12oz.) Tahini  or ½ jar

–        1 kg (35oz.) of  honey or one jar(in case the honey is crystallized, mix it until it melts)

Mix this and then add to the mixture the following crushed ingredients:

–        250g (8.81oz.) hazelnuts

–        250 g (8.81oz.) almonds

–        30 ml (1 oz.) propolis

–        250g (8.81oz.) walnuts

–         250g (8.81oz.) sesame (milling with machine for coffee) and

–        10 g (o.35oz.) cinnamon (ground) or 10g nutmeg(grated)

Consumption of this remedy will give you excellent results. People suffering from cancer often use it because the chemotherapy weakens the immunity system and this medication helps them improve it as much as possible, and in that way helps them fight against this terrible disease.

Sick with cancer should start taking this medicine in dose of 4 tablespoons daily in the following way:

The first spoon should be taken in the mornings before breakfast

Second spoon should be taken 2 hours after breakfast

Third spoon should be taken 2 hours after lunch and the final

 Fourth spoon should be taken in the evening before sleeping.

When you make sure that the immunity system is improved you can reduce the dose to half tablespoon, or instead that you can use 4 teaspoons in the same schedule.

For healthy people without any health issues is recommended to take the reduced dosage.



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