This is What Happens to Your Heart When You Drink Energy Drinks

If you do not believe in these facts, yon ask the family of the 33-year old Brooklyn father – Cory Terry, who died of a heart attack after consuming one of the most famous energy drinks in the World – Red Bull!

Does This Energy Drink Cause Heart Attack?

The study that was published in Mayo Clinic has shown that all the energy drinks including Red Bull can cause healthy people experience cardiovascular issues, especially people who already suffer for these conditions.

The latest study has shown that people who consume energy drinks have blood pressure increased by 10% and heart rate by 11%.

Both of these conditions are closely connected with a higher risk of experiencing heart attack.
The high heart rates are related with an increased risk of heart attacks and the high blood pressure actually damages the arteries which lead to heart attacks and stroke.

What is in Red Bull?

Taurine and caffeine are the two main ingredients of this energy drink. It is also full of carbonation and sugar.

These ingredients may not cause some serious adverse effects when took separately, but they have been related with significantly increased risk of heart attack when combined!

Do not forget that this drink has large impact on the stroke volume – the amount of blood pumped in and out of your heart!

In the end, all the studies have proved the negative effects of energy drinks! They are definitely NOT good for your heart!

Consume coffee or any other drinks if you need a quick pick me up, but not these cocktails full of different artificial chemicals and toxins!


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