Take THIS First Thing in the Morning and Burn Calories All Day

Although your health is normally a reflection of what you eat, good overall health does not necessarily mean that you have to live on a restricted diet. To improve your overall health and wellbeing you also need to consider detoxifying your liver every now and then, as well as supporting your digestive system function. If you do this and have a healthy balanced diet on the way, you’ll get your weight loss results much faster.

What we recommend here is starting your day by drinking warm water with some lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. You should do this on an empty stomach. Doing this regularly will not just help you to lose weight fast, but also improve your overall health.




The health benefits of lemon are indisputable. For one thing, it’s has powerful antioxidant, antiviral and antimicrobial properties. This citrus fruit is abundant in various nutrients, such as vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron. Although acidic in nature, lemon actually stimulates alkaline internal environment.


In addition, apple cider vinegar is one of the most common kitchen ingredients used mostly as an additive to many salads, sauces and soups. Aside from this, owing to its numerous medicinal properties, ACV has a long tradition of being used as a natural remedy against a number of health conditions. Just like lemon juice, apple cider vinegar packs a high content of nutrients as well as strong antibacterial and antiviral properties. ACV also has high mineral content. Similarly to lemon juice, ACV is acidic in nature, but promotes alkaline environment in the body. That’s why it’s highly beneficial for reducing blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels.




Although they are strong remedies when used individually, lemon juice and ACV are even more powerful when combined. To start with, they are extremely beneficial for regulating and supporting proper digestion. In fact, effective weight loss depends greatly on your digestive system because it helps your body to properly metabolize the food you consume, absorb the essential nutrients and eliminate toxins out of the body.


Even more, this amazing weight-loss drink activates the enzymes that take important part in the process of digestion along with the beneficial gut bacteria, which are also needed for proper digestion. Last, but not least, this recipe supports regular bowel movement meaning it promotes proper elimination of toxins from the body.



One of the most important effects of this drink produces is the alkaline environment on your body. This is critical for proper body function, especially if you know that chronic acidity leads to chronic inflammation, which damages your organs, compromises your health on several different levels and in time triggers serious health issues, including cancer.


Moreover, this recipe comprising lemon and apple cider vinegar can improve liver function on two levels – it cleanses the liver from toxins you ingest on daily basis, and it supports proper nutrient digestion and absorption. Best of all, it accelerates the metabolism of fat.


This recipe is also beneficial for curbing unhealthy cravings and suppressing appetite.

All in all, regular consumption of this drink will improve digestion and metabolism, which in turn results in great weight-loss results.




  1. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon and add 1-2 tsps. ACV. You can use a mug for the purpose.
  2. Fill it up with warm, purified water. Warm water is much better to use as opposed to cold water because it’s better digested.
  3. Take this drink first thing in the morning, preferably before breakfast.


Note: If the drink is too sour for your taste, add a teaspoon of raw organic honey to sweeten it.







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