30 years old mother lost nearly half of her weight. Now she has 50 kilograms, thanks to a big change, that she decides to take in her life.

Donna Docherty at one point in her life has 100 pounds, and the biggest culprit for this is fast food and carbonated drinks, which are full of sugar.

“In my twenties, I practically lived on fast food and sweets and I had no idea how it affects my health,” says Donna.

She tried many diets, they do not provide the desired result because it was constantly surrounded by junk food.

However, Donna in 2013, realized how much extra pounds have. So she decides that is very important to do something about it.

At the same moment she throws away all the junk food from the house.


“I knew that I needed a big change and that I can not wait any longer. That’s why I threw out all unhealthy foods from my life and first, I started with training. When my father was diagnosed diabetes, I was very well acquainted with the dangers of blood sugar!” says Donna.


Donna began working out with a private trainer and spends five days a week in the gym.

“I had a serious cardio and exercises with weights. In one year, I lost almost 40 pounds. I could not believe that I can look and I feel like that “says Donna.

In addition to training, her favorite sweet foods have been replaced by healthy alternatives.

Today her day begins with a healthy breakfast, mainly porridge, eats eggs for lunch and for dinner vegetable salad.

“I want to say something to all who plan to make a big change in their life. Yes,  is not an easy decision, but they have to be motivated, is the more important thing. The results are amazing. I feel much better and I love my new look!”







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