Soft, Sweet Nigerian Puff-Puff

Weekend is here again and many people will be hosting visitors in their houses. Apart from the normal food you will be entertaining your visitors with you can also give them soft puff-puff for refreshment.

This small chop is always handy for children and even adults to drive hunger away anytime of the day. Instead of you going out to buy puff-puff for your household, why not follow these simple procedure and make your own soft and sweet puff-puff.

This traditional Nigerian snack is quick and easy to prepare and a great option for appetizer. Nigerian Puff-Puff called Panke in Hausa is that spongy, deep-fried, spherical snack that originated from Nigeria. It is soft and springs back to touch, you know, like when you pinch a foam sponge. Puff-puff is also known as Bofrot in Ghana.



2 cups of All – purpose Flour

2 cups of water

2 teaspoons of active yeast

1/2 teaspoon of Salt

Ground Seed of nutmeg (2 teaspoons)

About 2-3 liters of Vegetable/groundnut oil (for frying)

2 Teaspoons of active yeast

Lukewarm water (for mixing)



If your yeast is the type that looks like tiny pebbles or is like paste, mix it with lukewarm water and set aside. you will add it later when you have added water to the Puff-Puff mix. If your yeast is in powder form, then add it when you add the other dry ingredients to the flour (as mentioned below).

Put the floor in a bowl, add the ground nutmeg, powdered yeast, sugar and salt. Mix all these together.

Add water in small quantities and mix everything by hand till you have a good blend of all the ingredients. Add the yeast you mixed with lukewarm water if applicable. Use warm water to mix the puff puff ingredients if you want it to rise faster.

Keep mixing till the batter is smooth but not too watery to flow from a spoon. The mix should be much thicker than pancake batter .

Cover the bowl with aluminum foil and make sure it is airtight by pressing the edges of the bowl .

Leave to rise for about 45 minutes. The Puff Puff batter should have risen in quantity and will have some air bubbles before you can fry.

Pour some oil in a deep pot and allow to heat up. It’s not advisable to use a deep fryer for Puff Puff because of the netting but if you want to use it, set the temperature to 170°C.

Note: The oil should be at least 3 inches deep. This is so that the puff puff will become spherical when scooped into the oil. You don’t want to end up with flat pancakes.

Test that the oil is hot enough by putting a drop of batter into the oil. If it sizzles and comes up to the surface of the oil, then the oil is hot enough. If the oil is not hot enough, the batter will go down to the bottom of the oil and stay there.

When the oil is hot enough, scoop some batter into the oil with your hand by pressing the batter to come out from between your thumb and index finger. You should see the video for this technique as this is what will make your Puff Puff have a near-perfect spherical shape.

Put in more scoops of the batter, as much as the space in the frying pot will allow without overcrowding.

Once the underside of the puff puff has turned golden brown, flip the ball so that the topside will be fried as well.

When both sides are golden brown, take out the puff puff balls and place in a sieve. If you want to reduce the oil on your Puff Puff as much as possible, then line your sieve with paper towels. The paper towels help soak away the excess oil on the puff puff.

Serve with a chilled drink. Feel free to top it up with jam and other condiments you normally eat doughnuts with.





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