Scientifically proven diets that work

How many times have you comply with different diets with hope that you will achieve the result, but ended up disappointed because on wasted time and effort? Many of the things we think we know about diet is not true.



Skip breakfast if you can

This is one of the most famous diet rules: healthy diet starts with good breakfast. But there is one problem: a good breakfast does not guarantee that you will have a healthy diet.

Truth: each meal is equally important. The most important thing is to enter as many calories as your body needs during the day, choose what you eat and how much time a day do you spend eating. So, if you do not like to have breakfast, then skip it.

It’s okay if you eat a lot during the dinner

Most people think that they violated one of the main diet rules if they eat late at night. This is not true. Several different studies about this topic came up to the same conclusion: the time you eat at is not important.
Truth: You will not gain weight if you eat late at night – it will only happen only if you eat too much. If you know how many calories your body needs during the day, you can input them whenever you want.

Number of the meals does not affect the metabolism

When you eat, you burn calories. Therefore, it is advised to eat smaller meals during the day. But French researchers came into a conclusion that eating like this does not give better results in losing weight.
Truth: If you need to enter 2000 calories a day, it does not matter whether you enter 400 calories in five meals or 1000 calories in two meals. It all depends on how you prefer.

Eat carbohydrates if you want to lose weight

Carbohydrates have been considered as the main reason for overweight. This applies only to processed carbohydrates and sugar.
Truth: Your body needs carbohydrates. If you stop eating them completely, hormones that regulate weight loss can be disturbed and this way you cannot lose weight easily. It is advised to consume more carbohydrates when you are active and less when you stay calm.

Pills that can help you lose weight

Studies have shown that people who have more vitamin D in the body, have less fat. Vitamin D works by making us feel satiated, because it releases more leptin, a hormone that is essential for losing weight.
Truth: The pills are not the best way to lose weight, so you should focus on a healthy diet and exercise. However, some pills may be good, especially those which contains vitamin B3.

Training on an empty stomach

It is very important that you eat before heavy exercise, but not just before you start, because you will have difficulties to do the exercise, and, on the other hand, the nutrients will not reach the muscles so fast.
Truth: If your meal contains 25 proteins, it will remain in your body for 25 hours. Water consummation and a good sleep also affect your workout, so make sure you are well rested and drink enough water.

Eat oversaturated fats

It has been discovered that oversaturated fats cannot cause overweight.
Truth: Cholesterol acts as an antioxidant against dangerous free radicals in the blood. When the level of unwanted substances in the blood is high, then the cholesterol level increases to deal with these substances. Cholesterol is essential for the production of a certain number of hormones, some of which help protect against heart disease.

You can never have too much protein

You may have heard that the intake of protein in large quantities can cause various types of health problems, but for most people this is not true. There is no evidence that too much protein can cause kidney stones or other illness. On the other hand, if you already have a problem with the kidneys, then having a high protein diet can harm you.
Truth: If you are healthy, you can enter protein as much as you want without risk. Even more, proteins well affect to the metabolism, which means that the more protein you enter, the more you burn fat. Just make sure to enter the recommended amount of calories.

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