Powerful Syrup for Melting the Kidney Stones

What are kidney stones and what are the symptoms?

Kidney stones are a form of calcium, created in the kidneys as stones or sand, because of bad diet or genetically passed. They are inside the kidney and may stay there for months before they cause any symptoms. The pain occurs when small bits start moving down the urethra or get stuck in the urethra, which is the channel that connects the kidneys to the bladder. This may cause strong back pain, as well as pain in the sides of the body and dark (beer colour) or bloody urine. Because of the longer urinary channels at man’s body, it takes more time for the stones to go through and cause much more pain than in women’s body.

If the stones are too big it might need to be removed with an operation, but in most of the cases when they are diagnosed in early stages there are few natural ways of preventing the operation.
The natural way of getting the stones out of the body is consuming at least 3 litres of liquids, with jump exercises to help the stones go through the channels faster.

One old and very powerful drink is a mixture of few ingredients which helps to reduce the pain and break the stones in the kidney very fast.

Ingredients needed:
• 200g cold pressed olive oil
• 200g whole lemon
• 200g parsley root
• 200g pure honey
• 1 cup of maple syrup

– Chop the lemon with the skin and blend it until it’s blended all.
– Clean the parsley root, chop it and add it to the lemon.
– Add the Maple syrup, honey and olive oil.
– Blend until you get a smooth texture.
– Place it in bottle or jug and keep in a refrigerator.

One tablespoon every morning on empty stomach and at least 3 litres of liquid.

How does it work?
The big amount of lemon raises the acidity of the urine and helps to melt the kidney stones. Parsley as diuretic helps in creating the urine and honey has the antibiotic effect that helps for further complications. The Maple Syrup gives a better taste.



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