Peach Sorbet Recipe

For its special flavor, juicy, and nutritive value peach counts to the most favorite and the most consumed fruits. It is best to consume fresh. The flesh of a peach contain pulp (fiber), which represents 1.4% of its weight, soaked with the juice, ie water with melted sugar, also peach contains a small amount of carbohydrate, sugar 0.5%, proteins and low fat. And also, 100 grams peach flesh provides 52 calories.

Peach is reach in vitamin C (5-8 mg.), Carotene — provitamin A (about 0.30 mg.), Vitamin B1 (0.03 mg.), Vitamin B2 (0.05 mg.) and others vitamins.

First of all, vitamins are concentrated in the skin of the peach, so you should eat unpeeled.

Fresh peach contains mostly potassium (195 mg.), then calcium (8 mg.), phosphorus (22mg.), magnesium (11 mg.), Sulfur (7 mg.), Sodium (1 mg.)

Here’s what you need to do:

  • 500 gr. peaches
  • 5 tablespoons stevia
  • 1 egg white
  • 1 lemon

Wash and peel the peaches before mashing them nicely to get a puree. Now, add the stevia to it and mix well, then put the mixture in a container in the freezer. Once the sorbet is half-way frozen, squeeze a lemon and add the juice in as well as one egg white. Mix everything well once more, then leave the sorbet in your freezer. Once it’s frozen solid, you can serve it is a nice dessert.



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