Nature offers a solution: 5 foods that facilitate spring allergies

Sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose are just some of the symptoms of spring allergies, which can be facilitated with apples, strawberries, and exotic spices like turmeric.






“When someone suffers from seasonal allergies, the body of a person experiencing allergens such as grass pollen or dust as a hazardous substance that induces a strong immune response,” said Dr. Deborah Gordon who specializes in this area.

The body was so flooded with antibodies in the bloodstream is released histamine, which causes symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes and extra mucus. On the regulation of these symptoms using drugs, but may be partly to balance the diet.

These five foods make it easier to spring allergies:


Apples are rich in bioflavonoids quercetin (which can also be found in the harbor, garlic, cabbage, cauliflower and wild berries) that prevents the immune cells to release histamine in the body, easing the symptoms of allergies. Moreover, an American study has shown that consumption of apples during pregnancy may reduce the risk of developing allergies in the child. Here you discover the top 5 varieties of apple for health care.


Vitamin C in strawberries and other fruits and vegetables not only plays the role of Enhancers organism, but also reduces the levels of histamine in the body. One study found that taking supplements of vitamin C reduces the levels of histamine in the body by 38 percent, while a shortage of this vitamin in the body causes a significant increase of the same.

“Each person produces an enzyme diamine oxidase body (DAO) that breaks down histamine, says Dr. Gordon, adding” taking extra vitamins C, B6, zinc and copper can help to create the enzyme. ”


Indian spice for thousands of years, used in alternative medicine because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics. Studies have shown that the active substance curcumin can block the release of histamine in the body and prevent the development of allergy symptoms.

Turmeric can easily incorporate into your diet – it can be added to scrambled eggs, morning smoothies, soups, sauces and varivaima.

4.Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of magnesium, which relaxes the muscles and helps open the airways to make breathing easier. Studies have shown that magnesium deficiency increases the levels of histamine in the body.

This important mineral can be found in almonds, sunflower seeds, oatmeal, broccoli, green leafy vegetables and dark chocolate.


The consumption of fish such as salmon is one of the better ways to body on supplies of omega 3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation in the body. Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet, which many consider to be the healthiest.

This information has proven and Greek studies conducted on the island of Crete, which revealed that Mediterranean-type diet reduces the risk of getting asthma and allergies in children. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids have been linked to improved heart beat, better memory and mood that you can find in the Adriatic sardine.


Avoid processed foods that is low in omega-6 fatty acids, and turn to fresh food and whole grains because they reduce inflammation in the body. Avoid foods with refined sugars and white flour and turn the foods rich in antioxidants, which are beneficial to the organism.

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