Natural remedies against anemia and how can we recognize if we have anemia?

We have all heard about anemia but do we know what it means? Well the word anemia translated from the Greek word αναιμία it means no blood. This common and difficult disease requires timely treatment, so as to avoid serious consequences for human health.

Mostly women get sick from anemia and was particularly evident among pregnant women and women with plentiful menses. Reasons that cause anemia are different like not consuming sufficient amounts of iron in the body, rigorous diets, more serious causes, such as: different internal bleeding (ulcer, hernia – hernia), hemorrhoids, tumors of the digestive tract …), poor absorption of iron (celiac disease, Crohn’s disease), anemia due to increased or accelerated degradation of erythrocytes – as a consequence of disturbances in the red blood cells or outside them.

Like every other disease and this illness beside medicaments can be treated with remedies from nature.

Here is come the question how can we recognize if we have anemia?

This disease does not always give clear symptoms. First symptoms can appear very late when the iron reserves completely spend. People who have anemia can notice some of these symptoms : weakness, dizziness, rapid or irregular heartbeat, early fatigue, the appearance of pallor on the face, breaking nails, hair loss, loss of appetite, headaches, bleeding from the nose and gums … That is why very important to do regular blood test so you can stop this disease on time.


Where we can find the iron we need to stop anemia?

Different people needs different requirements of iron , it depends of gender, age…. For example children and women need to consume about 15 milligrams of iron per day while men about 8 milligrams, pregnant women around 30 milligrams of iron per day.

Iron can be found in meat, fruit and vegetable, the absorption of iron depends of inner organs health. So to take the necessary amount of iron every day you need combination of various components of the food.

In order to better absorb iron you should:

  • Eat raw vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C with a meal that contains iron. Vitamin C greatly improves the assimilation of iron in the body.
  • Use freshly squeezed juice before meals.
  • Avoid using caffeinated drinks, especially after eating.
  • Smoking should be avoided in case of anemia, as it promotes its development.

The iron that human body needs can be found in following food:

* beans, peas, lentils, nettle, nuts, beetroot, blackberry, garlic, eggs, meat, fish,cereals in the whole grain, cocoa, honey…..

Here there are some recipes how to make natural remedies for anemia:

Nettle tea

Eight tablespoons finely chopped nettle leaves pour a liter of boiling water. Allow to stand for two hours, strain and drink throughout the day.

Breakfast is rich in iron

Five to six tablespoons of oats pour soy milk. Add two tablespoons of cocoa, a tablespoon of ground walnuts and cinnamon to taste. Before meal drink juice squeezed from oranges with a teaspoon of honey.



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