Magical Fruit Which Slows Aging Process!

People among the Arab countries consume big amounts of Dates every day. These fruits are not widely known but they have many benefits for your health and therefore it is high time for you to learn something about them. Dates grow in large palm clusters. They are cultivated only in some parts of the world, but they can be found in all the countries around the world because they are easy for transport.

The following are the benefits of consumption of dates:

  • mprove the heart and its functions. For this purpose soak ground dried dates and leave them sit like that during the night and consume them the following day.
  • They strengthen the whole body, act against parasites and bacteria in the stomach, improve digestion and reduce cholesterol.
  • They are natural remedy against aging, and can help you get rid of the bad hangovers.
  • It can act as prevention for cancer because it contains a huge amount of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.
  • It is also proven to be good for nerves

Be attentive of the amount of dates that you consume, because they contain natural sugars in a form of glucose and fructose and a single date contains up to 20 calories. So they can make you problems with the weight. This fruit can be consumed fresh and dry. You can use them to prepare jam, marmalade and add it to some cakes and cookies.





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