Kombucha – Tea of Immortality

Kombucha is a healthy beverage made from Japanese tea fungus – kombucha. Kombucha was used in Eastern Europe, Russia and Japan centuries.




In ancient times kombucha was the privilege of the royal court and was treated as untouchable secret in Japan.

Before thousands of years, Japanese emperor invited the Chinese emperor. After the meeting the generous host gave a very valuable present for long memory to the guest. Of course it was kombucha. The Chinese emperor was also generous and he wanted to donate to his poor people and by that the mysterious fungus travel all over the Asian continent to the world.

Russia has a long tradition in the use of this healthy beverage, among them called “tea kvass” which is made from the Japanese fungus.

From Russia, the drink spread in Prussia, Poland, Germany and Denmark but it seems to have disappeared during the Second World War. After the war Dr.Rudolph Skelnar renewed the interest in kombucha in Germany, when he started to use it in his treatment of cancer, metabolic disorders, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Kombucha is a fungus composed of gelatinous and tough fungal membrane in the shape of a flat disk. It lives in a nutrient solution of tea and sugar, which are constantly multiplying. Fungal disc firstly extends throughout the area of the tea, and then it gets thicker. When it is grown in a proper way, it grows and sprouts.

During the fermentation and oxidation, fungus tea acts with different complex reactions. It feeds from the sugar in tea and in return it produces other valuable substances that are part of the kombucha liquid: glycolic and lactic acid, vitamins, amino acids, antibiotic ingredients … This is why this tea mushroom is a real small biochemical factory.

What Kombucha fluid contains?

Kombucha contains several times more vitamin C than lemons. From vitamins B group it contains: B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. It also contains many different types of enzymes. It is important to emphasize the presence of dairy – L acid, which in one liter of fluid can reach up to 3 ml.

The most important component, which are found in large quantity in the kombucha extract is glucuronic acid.

Modern science still has not managed to synthesize this acid. A healthy liver produces to purify the blood. She also called “the main cleaner” of toxins that occur in the process of metabolism in the human body as well as harmful substances which enter inside the external environment through food, air, water and toxins. The toxins are removed though the bile and intestines, as well as the kidneys and the urine.

Under normal conditions glucuronic acid is secreted by a healthy liver in sufficient quantities. The problem occurs when our body is burdened with increased amounts of toxins from the external environment. Then our liver fails to produce sufficient amounts of this acid and by that there are good conditions for the emergence of cancer and other degenerative diseases.
The antibiotic component in kombucha-liquid is acid with enhanced antibiotic, and partly antiviral activity.


Why you need to use kombucha?

In the Far East kombucha is used as effective tool against fatigue, malaise, anxiety, anti-aging, anti-narrowing of the blood vessels, constipation, rheumatism and diabetes.

In Russia kombucha-liquid is considered for effective cure against all diseases and especially against constipation – “Russian secret home remedy”.

In the first book written about kombucha, there is some stories about a successful treatment of inflamed tonsils, diseases of internal organs, inflamed stomach, small intestine and colon, against diarrhea, narrowing of blood vessels, high blood pressure, sclerosis, etc.

Kombucha – remedy for everything

Everyday we can meet with a big number of positive experiences associated with Kombucha. Apart from its use as a refreshing drink, it is often used as a medicine. Kombucha is the subject of numerous scientific papers, confirming its healing properties. It has been proven that many of its components have antibiotic and detoxification features that play a special role in the biochemical processes in the body.

Kombucha is a remarkable regulator of the intestinal activity. With its help you can successfully adjust and avoid the appearance of constipation and hemorrhoids, and to mend the intestinal flora. Although the drink has little sour taste it does not cause any acidic condition in the stomach, but it facilitates digestion and the hard digesting foods. It is also successful in the case of kidney stones, urinary channels or bile.

Kombucha and its metabolic products have an extraordinary impact on the regeneration of cells because it is an excellent remedy for arteriosclerosis.
It is remarkable in its effect of purifying the blood and removing toxic deposits. It stimulates the metabolism excellent, and by that it is helping in purifying the body and elimination of all types of toxins.

Kombucha helps in case of headaches, joint pain, rheumatism and other problems like the aging. The positive effect is proved in a few days, through improved general condition and increased conditional abilities.

Kombucha – cancer killer

Kombucha has a strong antiseptic effect. The fluid from this fungus if purifying the endocrine system neutralizes and eliminates uric acid which is recommended against cancer, especially in its initial stages. It is noticed that it can strengthen the defense mechanism and increase the production of interferon. Kombucha normalize the blood ph value. The detoxification function of glucuronic acid improves the general condition of the body.

Dr. Dan Pon from Japan, based on their experiences with the use of kombucha-liquid of many patients did a pretty long list of diseases that can be treated this way. The list has been expanded by several famous doctors of the past:

– Extends life span;
– Prevents formation of wrinkles;
– Helps in prevention against cancer, improves breathing;
– Cleans blood vessels;
– Enhances the flavor of your meals;
– Removes disorders in livers;
– Reducing body weight;
– Removes nausea while driving(car sickness);
– Helps against herpes and chickenpox;
– Brings relief during menopause;
– Strengthens leg muscles;
– Enhances the potency;
– Treats diseases of the hands and feet, back, insomnia;
– Strengthens the kidneys;
– Cure hemorrhoids;
– Positive impact on the growth and quality of hair;
– Cleans the blood;
– Treating myomas of the skin;
– Peel cholesterol from the blood;
– Enriches useful micro flora in the gut;
– Strengthens weakened immunity;
– Normalize acid-base balance

Does Kombucha have any side effects?

Kombucha is rich in organic acids and it is possible to cause some allergic reactions in individuals sensitive to acids. It stimulates the expulsion of poisons and toxins.

Is Kombucha good for kids?

The previous studies showed that Kombucha drink is not harmful to children. The content of alcohol in this drink is low and similar to the fruit juices that are normally consumed by children. Kombucha is not recommended for children under 1 year of age because it contains bacteria and enzymes that could be difficult for the children’s digestive system which is under formation.


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