Juices To Strengthen The Heart And Veins

The heart is one of the organs that first form and its beats accompany us from very small: its sound, something accelerated by its small size, is already heard during the first weeks of pregnancy, thanks to the routine ultrasounds of control.

Behind these beats is a complex system of contraction and relaxation that allows the heart to pump the blood through our circulatory system (veins and arteries)

Hence it is considered one of the main organs of the body and it is necessary to know how to care for it and even strengthen it so that none of its parts (atria, ventricles, valves …) are damaged, which facilitates the appearance of various heart diseases.

Below are several foods that help strengthen the heart and veins

Juice Recipes to Strengthen the Heart and Veins

Juice to strengthen the heart and veins # 1


-1 cup alfalfa sprouts
-1 freshly chopped tomatoes
-1 chopped raw garlic


Wash the germinated alfalfa and place in the blender along with chopped tomatoes and garlic. Liquify for a few moments. Take this juice daily.

The tomato, an ingredient of this juice, is one of the vegetables with more content in lycopene, a type of antioxidant fundamental so that the cardiovascular system is maintained in good condition.

According to the findings of a report by the State University of North Carolina (USA) recently, the tomato should be considered as a fundamental food within a cardio preventive diet.

This juice also contains garlic which should usually be included in the menus, as it allows the blood to be more fluid. Garlic also contributes to dilate the arteries, which reduces the pressure to which they have to be subjected.

Juice to strengthen the heart and veins # 2


-1 apple
-1 tablespoon of flaxseed powder
-2 almonds
-1 tablespoon oatmeal on flakes
-A few drops of honey


Wash and split into several an apple with everything
and it’s shell. Pour into the blender along with the rest of the ingredients. Liquify for a few moments (if it is very thick you can add some water). Take it once a day.

The apple, part of this juice, is one of the healthiest fruits and recommended by doctors. Reasons are not lacking: it regulates intestinal transit, is easy to digest, helps you sleep better … and, of course, also take care of your heart.

The apple is rich in pectin, a soluble fiber that works by absorbing bile salts. These salts, precisely, are one of the raw materials that the body uses to make cholesterol.

Also, its high content of flavonoids makes it difficult for cholesterol to end up depositing in the walls of the arteries (which reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis ).

Juice to strengthen the heart and veins # 3


-1 cup almond milk
-½ teaspoon fresh turmeric
-½ cup chopped oranges


Place all the ingredients in the blender and blend for a few moments. Take it once a day.

Turmeric has a powerful anti-inflammatory action and also contributes to blood thinning (thus the risk of thrombus formation is greatly reduced) and also has a potent antioxidant effect (which protects against cancer). Several reports have focused on the effects of routinely including it in the menus.

Japanese researchers argue that curcumin (the turmeric pigment) is as beneficial to women’s cardiovascular health after their fertile stage as exercising. * And when the cardiovascular risk is high. Another study, this time Thai, notes that Curry may reduce the risk of heart attack in people who have had a coronary bypass.

Juice to strengthen the heart and veins # 4


-1 cup almond milk
-50 g fresh or dried goji berries
-1 handful of pine nuts
-1 teaspoon flaxseed oil


Pour all ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth. Take 1 time per day.

Nuts, such as almonds and pine nuts, contain cardio Salud able fats and are rich in fiber. Precisely that combination is what makes them so good to protect the heart.

The Center for Biomedical Research in Network (CIBERobn) recommends ingesting about 30 grams of nuts a day to reduce the risk of suffering cardiovascular disease. It does so base on the results of a Spanish research involving more than 7,500 people during five years. The Spanish Society of Community Nutrition (SENC) recommends taking between 3 and 7 servings per week

Its rich fiber and its satiating effect prevent you from taking other products that are much more caloric and less healthy for your heart.

Nuts are rich in polyunsaturated fats, which contribute to lower levels of “bad” cholesterol in the blood and also totals. Furthermore, they provide selenium, magnesium, vitamin E, and phytochemicals that prevent the oxidation of cholesterol.


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