How To Lose Weight Fast And Easy With The Japanese Morning Banana Diet

Diet “Morning Banana” is a simple popular diet that three years ago caused bananas on the Japanese market and created by Sumico Watanabe for her husband Hitoshi. The diet first won the Japanese enthusiasts for weight loss, and then spread around the world, so the “Morning Banana” diet is lightweight, not expensive and does not require you to count calories or nor to remove a particular type of foods from the diet.

This diet plan ended up being so popular after Watanabe initially provided it in his book “The morning banana diet regimen.” After a wide range of unsuccessful weight loss efforts, Watanabe identified himself to write his journey with all the diet programs he had previously tried, which consisted of a clinical knowledge of his partner Sumico, a pharmaceutical, which he received during a research study of the field of preventive medicine.

With each other, they created a method early in the morning banana diet plan, as well as received an appeal to individuals who did not actually like sweating in the gym.


Eat a banana for breakfast. You should start the day with banana consumption. If a banana does not saturate you, you can eat another, but you do not have to overeat. Bananas should be consumed fresh.

With a banana, drink one cup of water at room temperature. Water should not be cold or hot, but obligatory at room temperature. If you want to have a cup of coffee, do it for 20 minutes after breakfast.

Consuming a normal lunch and dinner. This diet does not limit the intake of calories, nor does it require that certain products be ejected from the diet, but however, if you want the diet to be effective, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of oily foods and the only rule you need to obey is not to overdo it, i.e. eat until you are 80% saturated.

– Consumption of desserts is prohibited. You should not consume either sweet or savory dessert after meals.
– Only at 3 pm is allowed a sweet snack. You can bake a couple of cubes of chocolate or a small cookie.
– The dinner should not be later than 20:00. It is recommended that the last meal of the day be at 18:00.
– Practice if you want and only if it does not create stress and pain. The diet proposes exercise as an option.
– Be sure to lie down before midnight. The sooner the better.


The popularity of a banana diet is largely due to the fact that it is mild and not expensive, so it is not necessary to count calories or to eject certain foods from the diet, so people are easily accustomed to the new way of feeding, and the diet can be practiced even by the busiest because it is not necessary to prepare special meals.

In addition, bananas are an excellent source of potassium and fiber. They improve digestion and reduce the sense of hunger. Another positive side of the diet is that it recommends getting to bed before midnight. It has been scientifically proven that sleep deficiency contributes to weight gain, and a good sleep helps maintain a healthy weight.


The “Morning Banana” diet is not created by medics and nutritionists, but however, the biggest criticism of this diet is that there are no restrictions on lunch and dinner. Diet supporter believes that it can’t be successful if it is allowed to consume all food during lunch and dinner.
Also, as a minus is also considered that the diet does not include exercise, but only gives it an option.


The “Morning Banana” diet began to attract the attention of the Japanese eager to weaken after Hitoshi Watanabe announced that with her help he reduced his weight by 16.8 kg. But when Japanese opera singer Kumiko Mori publicly admitted that she was losing nearly 7 pounds in 6 weeks, banana diet became an absolute hit in Japan. Then banana imports to Japan increased by 25%, but neither did it manage to cover the demand, so bananas in the markets remained empty for a certain period of time.

Supporters of this diet recommend that the “Morning Banana” diet be practiced for at least 2 weeks and most people do not feel that they are on a diet, and they adhere to the above rules for a long time.

On internet forums and blogs, those who have managed to adhere to the diet publish a variety of results, but it is realistic to expect a weight reduction of 3-3.5 kg for a period of two weeks, but to achieve maximum effect, reduce the consumption of oily junk foods, do not overeat and exercise at least 30-45 minutes per day.

What makes the banana diet plan so special?

If you do not eat coffee in the morning, you will easily control your blood sugar and your desires

– It’s super-healthy
– Prevent eating after 20 o’clock and reduce late nights and control your weight
– Bananas are rich in fiber, potassium, and energy
– Reduces alcohol consumption
– Bananas are cheap so you do not have to spend a small fortune on super-expensive products
– Routine breakfast improves metabolism and prevents you from eating too much during the day
– A glass of water increases metabolism
– Banana diet is also an excellent method for cellulite release





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