How to reduce sweating in the following hot days?

Sweat has an unpleasant odor, stains clothes and disturbs us when we are in public. However perspiration is vital to the health of the body as it keeps our body temperature during physical activity on sunny days or in the consumption of certain foods such as cayenne pepper.

In the event of stress and strain our body also releases sweat – it’s part of the response to stress.

Experts reveal the latest understanding of the role of sweat in health and how to keep sweating under control.

Our body forms two types of sweat

In the skin we have nearly four million sweat glands, which produce up to 25 ml of sweat per hour and this amount can reach two – four liters per hour during exercise. Thus regulates body temperature.

Lose moisture through the skin constantly, but do not notice because much of it is dried or evaporated quickly. Although some people believe they do not sweat, it’s not true.

The difference in the degree of perspiration due to how sweat glands distributed between – some people feel it very much because it is concentrated on one area, such as the forehead. Among others are more evenly distributed between the glands.

Furthermore, in our body are formed two types of sweat – water that our body cooled, and one that has a greasy texture and is associated with sexual attraction.

Warm bath before the weekend

Before the event on hot days, many people ‘teaching’ the sweat glands to work effectively at higher temperatures, such as training in areas with higher temperature.

Regular use of the sauna or hot tub can be helpful because it makes the glands more efficient at high temperatures – they produce more sweat to cool the body and distribute sweat more evenly.


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