Having Cold Water May Cause You Infarction

If you are a person who has the habit of drinking water during the day, or if you know someone who does, this is an interesting fact that should not stop reading.

On many occasions we have heard of the multiple benefits that it has for the human body, ingesting large amounts of water a day.

How to lose weight, increase energy, avoid dehydration, improve digestion, and even prevent diseases like cancer and heart attacks, but what many do not know, is the way you should drink water.

Doctors say that a person should drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water a day to give the body vitality and energy, but after a meal, it is important that this, not this cold. We told you why.

If you have observed what happens to the liquid fat when you apply cold when we are in the kitchen, “this solidifies”; Is the same thing that happens to our body when taking cold water after a meal.

In addition to delaying the digestive process, it causes the large intestine to absorb fat much faster than solid food and the body directs it towards the heart. The arteries are clogged and generate the attack, which in most homes lead to the death of the person.

So, if you want to drink water after dinner, the best thing is that you take it to the weather or warm.It is also important that you know that one of the symptoms of heart attack is not always chest pain or left arm, as you have been told, there is also often an intense pain in the line of the jaw, as well as Nausea and intense sweating.

The more we are aware of the symptoms and signs that our body gives us, it will be much easier to prevent a heart attack and to go quickly to the doctor to give us the necessary means to save our life, since 60% of people who Have a heart attack, can not survive.


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