Whiten Your Teeth and Eliminate Gingivitis and Tartar In 4 Steps With This Natural Homemade Recipe

It is very important to protect our body from bacteria and toxins that can harm our health. We should pay more attention to the hygiene of the mouth as the body gets its minerals and vitamins through the mouth. All that comes through the mouth will have contact with the body and impact our health.

In this article. we will present you great remedy which will help you remove tartar and gingivitis effectively. It will also whiten your teeth and clean your mouth from bacteria.

Here is the recipe:

Needed ingredients:

-One tbs. of baking soda;
-half a tsp. of salt;
-Half a cup of hydrogen peroxide;
-warm water;
-antiseptic mouthwash;


Mix the salt and baking soda in a cup and then moisten the toothbrush with the water and dip the brush well into the mixture. Rub the teeth gently and after few seconds spit. Do it for five minutes.

Mix the warm water and the hydrogen peroxide and rinse the mouth for a minute. Then, spit and rinse the mouth using ½ cup of cold water.

Use the floss to rub the tartar very carefully in order not to irritate the gums as it can cause irritations and damage.

At the end, rinse the mouth with the mouthwash in order to get better results.
This amazing treatment won’t leave a bit of tartar in the mouth.


Source: http://www.staynaturallyhealthy.com

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