Fresh And Clean Eating Fennel Tomato And White Bean Soup Recipe


Clean eating is a new trend that is growing every day. If you love clean eating recipes as much as I do then I think you will enjoy this recipe. Fresh ingredients are best and organic is the way to go!


The texture of this soup is simply amazing, I also love how all the flavors compliment each other!


I like to double this recipe and freeze the leftovers for a simple lunch that I can take to work. For this fennel, tomato and white bean soup recipe, the freshest ingredients will produce the best flavors.


We woke up to snow this morning and I’m giddy.


The kids get to stay home from school, I added eggnog to my coffee, we are putting up the Christmas tree and I’m already concocting what I’ll be making for dinner tonight.


This soup would be perfect.


What I love about soups like this is that they fulfill the need for comfort food without being chock full of butter, cheese, cream, and pasta.


It’s warm, comforting, and nourishing.





Inch bag (16 oz) cannellini beans

Inch fennel Bulbs (Roughly 1 1/2 Pounds), trimmed, quartered, cored and Chopped

Inch medium Pumpkin, Sliced

2 Tsp garlic, Chopped

Inch Tsp Italian seasoning

Ounce vegetable staulk

Inch head escarole, cored, rinsed and Sliced

1) can (14.5 Ounce) diced tomatoes, Emptied

Inch cup Miniature pasta, like farfellini

Inch Tsp salt

Grated Parmesan and freshly Milled black pepper


Preparation Instructions


  1. Put cannellini beans at a bowl together with 4 cups coldwater. Cover with vinyl and also swell immediately.

2. Drain beans and move to some 6-quart toaster. Include fennel, garlic, onion and curry. Pour in inventory and           2 cups drinking water. Cover and cook on HIGH to get 5 1/2 hrs. Re cover and cook half an hour longer. Add                 pasta and cook 9 minutes or depending on package guidelines. Drain. Stir rice to soup together side salt.



I hope you enjoyed this clean eating and fresh fennel tomato and white bean soup recipe. Want more clean eating recipe ideas? Check out the image below for more!





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