Food that you need to avoid if you want to lose weight

A lot of experts consider it’s not necessary to completely stay away of certain foods, but it’s completely ok to keep away of the food that makes you eat too much and lead you to gain extra weight. Do not worry, the desert is not on this list. Here is the food that you need to completely remove from the menu if you want to lose weight.
Snacks full of carbohydrates
When you eat crackers, dry cereal, bread, your body converts carbohydrates into simple sugar and sends it directly into the bloodstream. In response to the rush of sugar, your body produces extra insulin, which helps the body quickly to absorb the sugar. As a result, you will have low level of blood sugar and the same feeling of hunger which makes you eat more and more, said Dr. Charlie Seltzer.
However, carbohydrates are not completely prohibited. The point is that you need to enter snacks that contain a mixture of carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins, which will keep you away from the food longer.

Frozen meals
To ensure that the fresh ingredients will remain that way longer in your freezer, food manufacturers often add a lot of sodium, says Dr. Rachel Harvest. Sodium makes you keep the water, and that can cause bloating that you will not at all help in losing weight because you will not have a realistic insight into the true state of your weight.
Snacks full of fiber
Everybody needs fiber because it maintains the digestive system and a feeling of fullness even when the input of calories is reduced. However, what you don’t need are snacks that contain the entire daily intake of fiber (about 25 grams), along with the meal that does not contain fiber. The input of the fiber has to be constant throughout the day in order to avoid the feeling of hunger, improve digestion and prevent stomach problems. Keep away of snacks and try to include the natural sources of fiber in the meals, such as fruits and vegetables – says Dr. Harvest.
Fat free food
Studies have shown that people eat 30 percent more food when they know that there is a small percentage of fat than the food which has more. The problem (in addition to overeating, which can disturb your weight loss goals) is that when food manufacturers remove fat, they inevitably remove and taste. In order to compensate, they often add sugar, and that makes this product even worse.
Artificially sweetened drinks
Say goodbye to dietary juices and each sweet beverage that mysteriously contains zero calories! Some people react to artificial sweeteners so they take ice cream and other sweets immediately after the “diet” drinks, in that case it is better to drink water or lemonade. Carbonated water can also be a good solution because it contains carbon dioxide, which makes you feel not hungry, and therefore you eat less.
Cereals in large package
The same goes for snacks in the family pack. A recent US study shows that people consume 22 percent more food when they eat from a big package. When people know that more food is available, they subconsciously force themselves to eat more. The same applies to the food they buy at discount prices, the study confirmed. This does not mean that you should stop buying food at reduced prices or in economical packages, but to control the portions that you enter and avoid eating directly out of the bag.
Alcohol is not recommended if you want to lose weight. Although some cocktails contain fewer calories than others, alcohol is not a good friend when it comes to losing weight. It contains empty calories that they do not provide you with sufficient nutrients, and if you consume too much it gives you a distorted picture so often when you drink you eat pizza, not a salad.

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