Food affects the decisions you make

Today, we live in a fast world and we are forced to quickly make various decisions. Some of them are very important for the life and the future. Due to the rapid way and living conditions, stress has become a mass phenomenon, and 80 percent of the people, according to the research, food can help with the stress. And not all food, we are talking about the worst kind of – sweet, fatty and fast! That food brings short-term euphoria, a sudden burst of energy, and after that comes the inevitable fall, fatigue, slower thinking and numbness. Studies have shown that more accidents in traffic happen because people have slower reflexes, and bring incorrect assessments and decisions.

We asked a nutritionist what we should eat when we need to bring some important decision and what contributes to making the right choice. You need to get up early and drink your usual cup of coffee or a glass of fresh orange juice alone, eat a handful of almonds or walnuts and a banana. Drink water or tea and make sure you bring water with you when you go outside. After the decision is done, eat a cube, two of dark chocolate or banana. This breakfast will give you energy and strength, the mind will be clear and you can be sure you make the right decision for you and your family.

Otherwise, an excessive amount of food, especially carbohydrates, just makes the hormone, responsible for making decisions, to not function properly. It slows us down and leads to misjudgments. If you want your head to be clear and make the right decisions, you should not drink alcohol and be careful what you eat. A lot of sugar has a similar effect to alcohol. The human body reacts very similar – it gets slower, the concentration level gets low, it’s not paying attention to the essential and the key issues and more likely will made the wrong decision. The amount of food depends on the sex, age and physical activity.

Take three main meals and one to two snacks during the day. Eat breakfast one hour after you wake up, and if you get up early, eat at least between 8 and 9 o’clock. Breakfast should consist of all food groups. Eat a slice of whole-wheat bread, a milk product, in addition to egg or some ham. Have a lunch between 13 and 14 o’clock. If you are not at home, bring a lunch, because you will know what you are eating. Eat a piece of lean meat, preferably grilled chicken or fish with some brown rice or potatoes and a salad with it. If you like traditional lunch, eat a bowl of soup and a plate of cooked meals with a salad. Eat seasonal fruit, dinner should be light. Eat vegetables in your salad and you can have a small piece of meat or fish, eggs or salad with cheese. You should not eat carbohydrates, bread, pasta, pies and sweets in the evening.

Think, be mentally and physically healthy and clear your mind. Your decisions are your life. Clearly evaluate and decide. Food is the source of life, but if you take it wrong and improper it can get your health and life worse.


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