Everything you need to know about Chrono diet

Chrono diet is based on the rule that certain types of foods should be introduced into a
 particular time. Chrono diet is based on eating according to the daily rhythm of the body.
This means that during the day at different times will secrete various hormones and enzymes 
that help in digestion, so we need to respond with adequate food as they decompose.
The first text Chrono diet explained that this means diet and which combinations are permitted
 and will now read as meaning the period of quantitative restrictions and you will find a
 menu through which you can follow this diet.

Period of restriction
This diet is designed as a diet, not a classic diet. However, in cases of significant obesity
 introduces special restrictive period Chrono diet.
As already mentioned, you can eat good and fruit for snacks. The restriction means that snacks
 completely abolished from the menu, including fruits. It should be gradually reduced food
 intake during this period, especially sugars. From time to time you must not eat starchy
 vegetables and carbohydrates for lunch. But why completely discarded this food? Because 
it contains a lot of sugar.
During the restriction actually purify the body and then really lose weight.
 The period of time between meals should be 5 hours.
For breakfast you can eat baked goods that are not from wheat or corn flour. 
It is not allowed to mix dairy and eggs, as well as several different proteins.

Lunch not eat starchy vegetables and legumes, and dinner should be lighter
 (some protein and white or green vegetables).
The period of restriction lasts at least 28 days, but can certainly end the period of 
restriction if you weaken as much weight as you planned. People with extremely overweight,
 the period of limitation may take several months to a year.
For breakfast you can eat baked goods that are not from wheat or corn flour. 
It is not allowed to mix dairy and eggs, as well as several different proteins.
Following the rules of Chrono diet, you themselves to compose menu.
You have many options because the diet allows many types Haram. Just combine it correctly
 and eat it in the correct time period.
Breakfast: ham or chicken breast, butter, rye bread and yogurt. Before breakfast you can 
drink unsweetened tea or hot lemonade.
Lunch: soup chicken and zucchini
Snack: fruit, nuts or dark chocolate
Dinner: chicken with lettuce
This is the most important meal of the day and should be najobilen. 
If you think that eating fruit in the morning is healthy, with Chrono diet you will see 
it is not so. Sweets, fruits and honey is banned for breakfast. Eat hearty because you need 
energy for the day ahead. You do not have to count calories, do not worry, the body will 
spend this throughout the day.
For breakfast you can eat protein, carbohydrates and fat. Eat bread and pastries 
(Here you will find a recipe for perfect bread chrono), but avoid products from corn 
and wheat flour. You can eat eggs, ham, cheese and cheese, yogurt, butter, bread,
 cakes and some meat products.

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