Are You Wearing Cancer-Causing Sandals?

A scientific research conducted in Germany has shown that clogs made from plastic materials come with a huge amount of carcinogenic compounds that may trigger the emergence of certain types of cancer. In order to make a relevant research, scientists have selected a total of ten pairs of clogs made of plastic from the best brands on the market and these clogs were analyzed in a lab. The scientists were quite amazed when they discovered that aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons also known as PAHs were part of 60% of these clogs. In case you didn’t know, PAHs are extremely carcinogenic substances which lead to cell mutation in case they are absorbed by the body.

These substances are very harmful when they are inhaled, but they can also penetrate the skin and enter the body too.

It turns out that black clogs were the clogs with highest amount of this specific type of carcinogen. 70% of the clogs that were part of this research included heavy metals and solvents.

All these toxic compounds enter the body though our skin. If you want to avoid this type of problems, just put a pair of socks on your feet.

What is interesting is that the original Crocs were negative on PAHs, but they had four solvents that can cause allergies.


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