A Silent Killer That Almost Every Girl Carries – This Should Be Read by All Parents!

Audree Kopp, a Kentucky woman, had a strange incident. She had to operate because of a serious infection. She received the injuries due to a hair band, which she carried on her arm.

or her misfortune, she had a small cut on the wrist and the bacteria that was on the eraser got into her body!

After a while, a redness that began to grow and spread. Although she drunk a prescribed antibiotic, the situation worsened.

The hair band hid a bacterium inside her, which in turn infected her hand through the pores and follicles from the hairs of the hand.

Unfortunately, the newly emerging situation had to be resolved with an operational effort. But if it did not intervene in time, the bacteria could penetrate her bloodstream and lead to coma.



The risk of infection is always high if there is an open wound. You should not wear a hair scarf on your hand if you worry and help your sick faces, or if you do some sort of work that can mess up your hands and accessories that are handy.

It is of utmost importance to maintain hygiene of the hands, because they constantly come in contact with various sources of bacteria, such as money, animals, sanitary nodes, etc.


Hands should be washed frequently. This will prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading. Hands must be washed before putting eyes on the eyes before preparing food or eating after contact with sick people and animals, after going to the toilet, after coughing and the like.



To properly wash your hands, follow these rules:

1. Use hot water to moisten your hands and apply soap.

2. With your right hand, rub the outer part of your left palm and between your fingers, and vice versa.

3. Rinse your hands with water.

4. With a towel, well dry your hands.










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