900 Calorie Meal Plan Lose 10 kgs in 10 days

Meal Plan Credits: Versatile Vicky, “Do check her channel for awesome weight loss and diet videos”.

This simple to follow meal plan have helped many people reduce up to 10 kgs in very short period of time.

All those who have tried it claim that this meal plan as most effective, low cost, easiest weight loss plan ever.

This 900 calorie meal plan is made of up 4 simple ingredients- eggs, apple, oats & green tea, most probably you have all these ingredients in your home right now.

3 Boiled Eggs & A Cup of green tea
3 Boiled Eggs, An Apple & a Cup of green Tea

A Cup of Oats
Bedtime: 1 Hour

Evening Before Bed
A Cup of green Tea





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