When you truly love someone, that person always comes to your mind before your own pleasure or “happiness”; When your feelings for that person are not strong enough, or doubts are beginning to appear, you come first. The experts say that there are 10 things that if you avoid, is not just a sign that you really love, but it will take to have a more stable, lasting and happy relationship.

1. Save part of the truth or camouflage it

Secrets (of any kind) in marriage are the magic potion to destroy it. It does not matter what you’re lying about, how small the lie, or the information you’re not revealing to your wife. If you’re hiding things from him, you’re going the wrong way.
Couples lie or hide things as silly as how much they stopped tip in the restaurant, and yes, it does not make sense, but just as we do and is just a way to take the first step to a bigger deception.

2. She entrusted it to you and you told her

Your partner should be your best friend and what she tells you must be one hundred percent confidential and must die in your mind. We have all lived at least once in our lives what it feels like to entrust something to someone and that it divulges it, the damage it can cause, at times, can be irreparable. If you love her, what she entrusts to you, it must remain within your hearts.

3. Losing temper in front of people and embarrassing (this also has to do with the love you feel for yourself)

Believe me that I know what it feels to be dazzled and having to struggle with oneself not to react at the same instant regardless of who you are and where you are. But when it comes to the person you love, NEVER, you must react irrationally and disrespect. If you love and love yourself, you must control your anger or anger; When you embarrass the person you love or disrespect, you are also missing yourself (we all remember that friend or relative who embarrassed his wife at that party).

4. Stop taking care of her

One of the great reasons that human beings enjoy being in a couple and marrying (apart from the need to procreate) is to protect and care for someone other than ourselves. Protecting, caring and caring for your wife are signs of being in love with her; Otherwise, it is the indication of what you really do not love.

5. Turn the caresses into a reward because she ‘did something for you’

The intimacy and the physical affection in a couple must be given gratuitously, simply, because it is part of the love that exists between the two. If you do not feel the desire to be with her or to give her a hug or a kiss without her asking, it is but a sign that your feelings for her do not love.

6. Disrespecting your family

No matter how bad your family falls or whatever more damage you think they make to your wife, you should never disrespect them. They will always be your family, she can not divorce them, but you. As a husband, you must protect her, but that does not mean that you can disrespect the members of your family. It’s more or less like the phrase my grandmother used to say: “Do what I say, not what I do,” if she wants to disrespect her own family, it’s her choice because she’s her family, but if you love her, You should never cross that line.

7. Turn your achievements and your lives into a competition

Out there they say that competing is healthy, and I think it is, but in the right place, at the right time and with the right person. The skills in marriage are a resounding NO. If you love her you will motivate her to overcome herself, take on new challenges and you will be there to encourage her to reach the goal. If you do not love her, your achievements will bother you, if she wins more than you, she will embarrass you. When you are in a relationship, the achievements of both, add up points for the same team and no matter who accumulated them.

8. You let her carry all the load

Marriage is not 50 and 50, marriage is 100 and 100. She is not in charge of all or half, both are in charge of having their “marriage business” work. If she can not do something that was in charge of her, there you are to solve it, to jump into position and relieve her. If you love her, the charges will always be of the two, if not, you will play your own game.

9. You put yourself in situations where you know they can end badly

If you have read any of my other articles then you are familiar with the phrase my grandmother used about “never tempting temptation”. The fact of marrying someone does not mean that as if by magic we canceled our tendency to admire something that is cute, what is important is how we do it and what we do about it. Do not put yourself in situations where you spend time alone with co-workers you think are attractive (you would not want to know that your wife does the same thing at work). If you love her you will run from those situations as fast as you can, otherwise, you will run the limits.

10. You never recognize your mistakes

When you love someone, recognizing that you have made a mistake is one of the most sublime ways to show that you love them more than yourself. On the contrary, if your pride is greater than your desire to ask for forgiveness, you are still in love with your own ego.


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